Celebrating Caribbean Food

As founder Chan laid on her hammock rocking away to the sounds of the waves crashing and sipping on a mouth watering Piña colada, the idea for Nyammin' was spurred.

That would've been perfect wouldn't it? It actually came during a burst of homesickness. Where Chan concluded that in the Caribbean people like to nyam and when we nyam, we nyam good and why not share that with the world?! (Growing up in the British Virgin Islands and not visiting home in a year could do that to a person - #withdrawls).

Thus Nyammin' was born and here we are, you reading up About Us(pun intended) and us letting you in on the Caribbean's best secrets on where to eat, what’s going on and what to do - culture and cuisine all at your fingertips.

You're Welcome.

P.S. incase you didn’t know – nyam means to eat.

You’re Welcome Again.